Sunday, April 22, 2007

Matcha Cupcakes

matcha cupcakes, originally uploaded by razzieswirl.

I was initially extremely excited about making green tea cupcakes. The color was awesome, if you like green, the color of these cupcakes will surely excite you as they did me. However I don't think I used enough matcha in them. The batter tasted like matcha, but I think the flavor baked out. And I didn't have enough matcha to add to the cream cheese frosting so I just dusted the tops with it, sad. Oh well, now I know. I used my sour cream batter which I think was a bad idea becaue it's so thick. I think a chiffon style cupcake would be light enough to pick up the subtle flavor of the matcha. If you are interested in the recipe see my first food post. Take out the lemon etc. and add two teaspoons of matcha (not enough matcha though). I'll have to keep experimenting with this one. I'll get it right though. Trust me, I heart matcha and I heart cupcakes, the marriage of the two is too much an exciting thought not to continue experimentation.



Unknown said...

They look really green - I think a subtle matcha taste would be lovely. Sour cream cakes sound perfect. sour cream and lemon sounds even better - I'm going to look for that recipe! I just saw some of your photos on flickr and had to see if you shared recipes - YUM!

Sally said...

Rose - I commented with the wrong log in. hopefully this comment will take you to my blog.

Dr.Gray said...

Getting the right amount of matcha for a recipe is pretty difficult. From my own messing around with it there is a very fine line between almost not there and overpowering. Also the fact that its somewhat expensive doesnt help. I do suggest getting good quality matcha though that really makes a diffrence.