Friday, December 31, 2010

Reminisce : 2010 Reviewed

It's been quite a year. 
A wonderful, challenging year. 
A year that saw a lot of growth and a bit of change. 
In honor of that I'm going to do something I've not done in the four years I've been blogging here at A Sofa in the Kitchen, a look back on my favorite parts of the year.

Buckle up for a long one, let's review 2010, food blog style, shall we?

January marked the very first Snapshot Sunday series here at A Sofa in the Kitchen.

 The month also featured one of my favorite indulgent, comfort recipes: cream of spinach soup.

February was a slow blogging month. My pick? Jello topped, strawberry heart stuffed, cheesecake bites with a chocolate cookie crust. Now that's a mouthful. My favorite part of the whole dish? Clearly, these adorable strawberry heart cutouts!

A week in March features, by far, my favorite Snapshot Sunday of the year.

It also marked the beginning of the year of pie. 2010 was pie heavy for this girl. The three layer key lime pie with it's heavenly flax granola crust was one of my favorites, and by far the best key lime pie these tastebuds have ever enjoyed.

March was also the month I finally attempted the legendary New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookie.

In April, my brain concocted this insane sandwich for the annual Grilled Cheese Pageant. Homemade corn bread, jalapeno aioli, pimento studded sharp cheddar, and crispy, thick pepper bacon.

My dearest fellow food blogging friend invited the boyfriend and I over for  Easter brunch. Creme Brulee french toast was the belle of the ball, the perfect dish for this Snapshot Sunday's spotlight.

Molly at Orangette never disappoints, and these chocolate capped macaroons I baked up for my easter baskets are proof of that.

If you can't tell by the slew of pictures, May was likely my favorite month all year. Great recipes like simple smoked salmon appetizers, a wonderful sorbet champagne martini, roasted sweet potato bisque, and sweet pea pesto pasta were featured. Apparently, Spring had me inspired. Therefore, I say, May is worth reviewing all at once.

In 2010 I joined The Daring Bakers, a group of creative bakers that are given challenges monthly, that I love being a part of. My chocolate pavlova June submission was by far my personal favorite DB submission of the year.

In July our oven broke. After a week or two of strong buttermilk biscuit cravings, I broke down and sought out a neighborhood oven so that I could bake up a batch. I served them with a side of honey comb salted butter, of course.

 I also shared one of my most sacred recipes in July. A slow cooked, pulled pork recipe that really, truly, cannot be beat. It's sheer pork perfection.

In August I turned 25. Unarguably the most memorable birthday I've ever had.

Exactly a week later, one of my soul mates turned 30.

As September rolled around, I kicked off a cooler season with roasted sweet potato, pancetta & arugula penne pasta.

As the days grew shorter and colder in October, I began the month with pull apart cinnamon bread. A recipe my darling boyfriend requested I make every single Sunday (ha!)

As Halloween approched, I attempted to keep our bones warm and spirits high with a few delicious Vanilla Bean Tequila Sunrises.

And on the last day of October, we partied. We had a lot of  dry ice and a ghoulishly good time, as seen in this snapshot sunday.

Come November I shared a few of my favorite Brooklyn food spots

As well as a delectable fall pear martini

Ushering in the final month in 2010.  . .

I made a wreath out of yarn for our front door. 

Ate bowl after bowl of spicy thai curry butternut squash soup.

And finally, stuffed stockings with some old fashioned-homemade granola. 

So goodbye 2010, you were a good year. And, hello 2011. I look forward to all that this year has in store. I'm sure it will bring many new experiences, adventures and of course, good food!

Chin Chin!


Anonymous said...

Lovely review of 2010 delights & no doubt very good memories...

Lauren Hairston said...

I just found your blog. Look at what I've been missing! You have really beautiful photographs and I'm looking forward to what you'll do in 2011!

Unknown said...

ooh! your photos are just gorgeous!