Saturday, March 07, 2009

Butterfly Wings.

This afternoon I dropped off two desserts for a dessert auction. One was the Samoa Cheese Tart, the second was this gorgeous little cake. The recipe was featured on the blog here in cupcake form. To make this cake I simply doubled that recipe and topped it off with chocolate transfer butterflies. For a step by step guide to creating your own chocolate transfers, check out my article here . Let's hope those at the dinner are bidding big bucks on this beauty!! Enjoy the pictures!!


flostir said...

Thank you Mallory for your awesome, delicious, gorgeous desserts that you donated to my auction. My table was the lucky table to get your Butterfly Wings cake. It was TERRIBLE DELICIOUS! :) I love going to your website and reading and seeing all your wonderful creations. I have printed several of your receipes that I will trying over spring break.
When I have a special event I will definetly call you! I have also passed along your website to several of my friends. Thank you, Mallory!