Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Me So Thorny + Trophy Cupcakes = One happy kitchen

Me So Thorny + Trophy Cupcakes = One happy kitchen

Yesterday, Thomas Kelli and I headed down to Seattle to pick up our lovely girl Rayne from Seatac. She was flying back from her last school trip (she's a senior, yay!) to Guatemala. I picked up these little gems during our trip. Trophy Cupcakes, or course. Kelli had never been there, and I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it. She looked at Thomas and said "If Mallory were a store, this is what she would look like." She's probably right. . . . And when we got home there was a package on my porch, a delivery from Scent of Scandal Candles. I first saw these candles down at Inside Out a swoon worthy store down in Snohomish. Anyone that knows me well knows I've always been a little candle obsessed. For the last couple years it's just been tapers and tealights. I much prefer candlelight over artificial lighting. Recently, I've discovered the joy of high quality scented soy candles. I'm not a big "scent" person, I don't often wear perfume (it gives me a headache) but a really good candle that smells like pear or honey is just so nice. Like so many things in life, it's all about quality of ingredients.

Anyway, I saw these candles down at Inside Out, but didn't purchase one, it's a treat to purchase a nice candle, so I don't do it too often. But I couldn't get them off my mind, so I checked their website, got a coupon for 20% off and ended ordering two. Each candle has a clever "dirty" little name. I got "Me So Thorny" which is pictured and smells like fresh cut roses, light. And "Bee-otch", honey, also light. Nothing overpowering. Since they're kind of funny but really nice, they'd make a fun little hostess or valentines gift. Check out their website for more info and scents. And if you're in Snohomish, you cannot miss Inside Out it's one of the best home stores in the northwest, truly!

Enjoy your Saturday and don't forget to stop and smell the roses. . . .


RachelleLouise said...

Sounds like a great day, picking up Rayne, Seattle, Trophy, surprise package... Good for you! I'm dying to try Trophy's Hummingbird cake! Those candles sure seem wonderful!

Mandy said...

We are moving to Seattle, Trophy Cupcakes is now on my "must visit" list!
Happy Valentines Day! -Mandy