Monday, May 07, 2007

And finally ladies and gents. . . the recipe!

Paquito, originally uploaded by razzieswirl.

Last year for cinco de mayo we had a fairly large party. Complete with lime jello - tequila shots (may I advise against them, they tasted like what public bathroom cleaner smells like *yuck*). It was very successful and we had a ton of great food. Yum. Yum. This year was very low key, a bowl of Sangria, I made one blood orange margarita and we had these mini tostadas. They were delicious. Sooo, good. And all my roommate (Ashers) idea. What a great idea it was! I always go for the standard nacho, but these were fun and packed with stuff; beans, mexican rice, lettuce, 2 different kinds of shredded cheese, chicken, grilled onion, peppers, and to top it off avocado and a slice of fresh tomato. Mmmm. Here's a kind of rough recipe, because it's up to you what you top the suckers with.

Recipe: Mini Tostados

For the mini corn tortilla:

1 package of corn tortillas
Veggie oil
a round cookie cutter

1. Cut out small rounds from each flour tortilla (about 3 mini's per tortilla)
2. Pour enough oil to cover bottom of pan and heat.
3. Fry tortillas on either side until golden brown and set on paper towels to catch some of the oil.

What we made for toppings:

- 1 box of mexican rice, follow directions on box.
- some chicken breast, yellow pepper, and sweet onion grilled with a fajita rub
- refried beans with some leftover onion and yellow pepper mixed in
- iceberg lettuce (for that extra crunch) mixed with green onion
- thinly sliced avocado
- shredded (extra small, to melt easier) sharp cheddar and monterey jack cheese
- thinly sliced fresh tomato

And this is how we layered them:

- tortilla then,
- beans then,
- cheese then,
- rice then,
-chicken mixture (not pictured) then,
- the lettuce mixture then,
- slice of avocado and finally,
- a slice of tomato

I should note what's pictured is the "vegetarian" option. we didn't make it that way on purpose, it just happened. after we made a plate of vegetarian we went for it full on with the chicken mixture.
It was delicious either way. But I love mexican food, in fact I ate a burrito Friday, these on Saturday and then made enchiladas on Sunday.

I'm really making myself hungry writing about these so I'm going to go cook dinner. On the menu tonight: Thai BBQ Chicken with a cold Thai Cucumber salad. Perfect after a gorgeous sunny day here in the Ham. It's so nice blogging outside in the sun after a good game of badmitton. I hope you are all enjoying nice weather as well!

Off to the BBQ!!