Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What To Do : Biscuits

The last time we spoke, it was of biscuits. Buttery, flakey, downright dreamy biscuits. 

So what do you do with those biscuits? Sure you could go nuts a la Pine State and pile your biscuits high with a fried egg, some bacon, melting cheddar, fried chicken and homemade sausage gravy, but here at home I opted for something slightly different, and far less laborious. 

This breakfast biscuit was made for the fiance. Before work he craves for food that's simple, quick and flavorful. The biscuits came together quickly with ingredients I had in my cupboard. I roasted a whole jalapeno over our cooktop, sliced it in half and set it atop a gooey fried egg (just as we like em, the runnier the yolk, the better) and a hand formed fried chicken sausage pattie. For good measure, I slathered the inside of each biscuit with soft salted butter kissed with a touch of lavender honey. Sweet, salty, spicy and scrumptious, four of my favorite s-words!

The best way to use up your biscuits in my book? Breakfast sandwiches. Anyway you make them, whatever you throw in em', I promise you, they'll be delicious.


Rambling Tart said...

Ohhh, this just makes me happy. :-) I need to make these this weekend if at all possible. :-)

Indu said...

The egg yolk has dripped a bit on the plate, and that makes me so hungry !!!

Rambling Tart said...

Where are you, Mallory?! I miss you and your posts! :-)