Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A Sip of Autumn : Pear Martinis

I've had the loveliest of evenings. The darling boyfriend and I have spent it lounging in the kitchen, a kitchen I've begun to autumize (and de-halloween). We've been listening to Dean Martin blaring out of the speakers, playing gin rummy, noshing on rosemary crackers schmeared with port soaked sharp cheddar & sipping on these lovely pear martinis. A cocktail truly infused with the taste of autumn. It's as if the season hopped in glass, just for you to ingest and enjoy. A little sour, a bit sweet, with a serious punch of pear. Pear vodka is violently jiggled in a shaker filled with ice topped with pure pear juice, and a splash of lemonade. So simple. So good. 

So why not shake up a batch of tasty cocktails and create a lovely evening at home for yourself, or a few friends? Break out a tasty snack, a deck of cards (perhaps a board game or two), put on a few of your favorite songs and settle in.


Pear Martinis 

makes two


plenty of ice
4 oz. pear vodka (I prefer absolut, it's very pear and a little floral)
2 oz pure pear juice
1 1/2 oz. lemonade (or a mix of lemon juice and sugar)


1. Fill cocktail shaker half way with ice. 
2. Pour vodka, pear juice, and lemonade over ice.
3. Shake vigorously.
4. Pour into martini or fancy glass of your choice (a nice touch: rim with sanding sugar)
5. Garnish with large slices of fresh pear.
6. Enjoy a warm evening inside.


Romy said...

I love pears and I love me a good martini. Great picture!

tiina { sparkling ink } said...

Yum. Yes, please! Really beautiful photographs, once again.

RamblingTart said...

What a perfect evening!! I absolutely LOVE the looks of this martini. :-) I've been craving pear flavors this week and oh, this will be splendid. :-)

RachelleLouise said...

Stunning! It looks as tasty as it is beautiful. I simply LOVE the concept and flavors of this drink. Always wanted to buy that Poire Williams eau de vie...

Anonymous said...

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