Wednesday, September 16, 2009

sharing a few photos.

beautiful baby aurora., originally uploaded by miss.mallory.

hello folks. I've been fairly sick this last week. down and not feeling much like blogging. I have been cooking (most nights), but unsuccessfully documenting. tonight we're having art smiths hoecakes with roasted chicken, barbecue sauce, and fennel bulb slaw. let's keep our fingers crossed hunger and sickness don't get the best of me and I fail, yet again this week, to capture my meal on film. speaking of pictures. I'm here primarily to share a few pictures with you. after years of general hemming and hawing, it happened, I got a DSLR. I'm still learning, and will likely be learning how to use it for a long while to come. but, before the sickness grabbed a hold of me, I was taking pictures of just about anything and everything, playing with my brand new fabulous little toy. so here for you to scan over, are a few of the pictures I've captured over the last week with my brand new Canon XSi. Some food with a bit of beautiful baby aurora thrown in. enjoy! I'll be back soon to share my Daring Bakers challenge, 'Around the Tables' local dinner for which I'm creating a kick ass martini, and perhaps a few more recipes . . . .

4., originally uploaded by miss.mallory.

3., originally uploaded by miss.mallory.

Roasted yellow pepper, with sauteed onions and kale. I mix this into black bean refried beans and spanish rice. Plop a scoop of avocado on top, a sprinkle of sharp cheddar, and viola! A quick, easy, and incredibly satisfying dinner.

2., originally uploaded by miss.mallory.

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Apples from my yard. Yesterday I picked a gaggle and made apple crumble. One of my autumn favorites. I have no idea what variety these apples are but they're incredible. The right balance of tart and sweet, perfect for a pie or a crumble.

5., originally uploaded by miss.mallory.

Last weekend a few girls from the cooking club and I got together and canned pickled peppers and salsa with a bounty of veggies from our local Saturday Market.

beautiful baby aurora., originally uploaded by miss.mallory.

beautiful baby aurora., originally uploaded by miss.mallory.

6., originally uploaded by miss.mallory.


RachelleLouise said...

Oh my goodness. That picture of Thomas and Aurora is too cute... I like how his hands look, so relaxed. Your camera is making some nice pictures... so happy you got it!

Georgina Ingham | CulinaryTravels said...

Gorgeous photos Miss Mallory.