Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lasagna "Soup"

Lasagna "Soup", originally uploaded by razzieswirl.

So, I've seen this recipe for lasagna soup floating around flickr and a few food blogs here and there and have always been longing to try it. The problem with being food blog and food flickr obsessed is, one minute you see something utterly tempting and delicious that you want to make, and the next thing you know there's yet another tempting delectable on the next page erasing your memory of the previous food delight.

Well Sunday morning, breakfast hunger fate would plop this long forgotten gem back in my recipe box. Rushed by the terrible growling erupting from my belly and Thomas hopping around the bed like a kid on christmas morning groaning about his own empty belly, I had to make a quick decision on dinner. Quickly, I flickr'd some magical combination of words and viola! Long lost lasagna soup! Bellasimo!

Both Thomas and I were excited about our dinner prospect, however, at the urging of my dear sweetheart I double up on the noodles, because frankly 1 cup for all that liquid didn't quite seem like enough. Well, oops, 2 cups, way too much. If you want absorption pasta go ahead and add 2 cups, if you want soup, stick with 1 cup. Thomas and I both really enjoyed it, but I really had my heart on a rich tomato broth with bits of caramelized onion, spicy turkey sausage and orange carrots floating about. I got a rich, starch laden, thick pasta, still with a lot of flavor though!

I'm going to direct you to the Desert Culinary where I got the recipe to give the original creator credit:

So, hey, even if you mess this one up, it's still delicious. Great recipe no matter how it turns out!


Tara said...

Lasagna soup is an interesting concept and I am going t give it a try! We have frozen earth here in New York and i can truly look forward to this--codl days just cry out for soup and you've answered the call! Love your post!!

Rosie said...

Lasagna "Soup" I have never heard of this but gosh it does look very yummy! Many thanks for sharing this with us :)

Wishing you a very Happy Valentines Day!

I would like to present you on this Valentines Day a Red Rose

Rosie x