Thursday, October 11, 2007

Not a Food Post. A Thank You!

Yellow Around the Edges., originally uploaded by razzieswirl.

Okay, so I know this picture is not relatable to food. Unless it counts that while I'm riduculously full of goodies and laying in bed thinking of my next kitchen adventure this is what I look at?!

I just wanted to say I JOINED THE FOODIE BLOG ROLL! Yay! I'm so glad I found it. I've noticed a few comments on the postings and you don't know how excited that has made me, keep them coming, they're encouraging and oh-so exciting to read! I absolutely adore them!

Thank you everyone for taking the time to check me out, and taking even more time to leave me a comment, it's super lovely!

I will actually have time tommorrow to post what is missing, so come back for those recipes you've been waiting for! I'm done with homework for the week (double yay!) Plus, I have my submissions all set for the next (and my first) Sugar High Friday, and National Meatloaf Day! Whoopee! My first few food blogging events, and new people and comments, all in the same week? I'm such a lucky girl!

Thanks again everybody!