Sunday, August 26, 2007

Without the Taco.

Fish Taco Salad., originally uploaded by razzieswirl.

This is delicious, light and refreshing. I encourage you to try it before the summer is over. I absolutely adore it when I go into the kitchen, no recipe in hand, and whip something together that's just so co-hesive and delectible. This Fish Taco Salad is just that.

I haven't had too many fish tacos in my day either, so whipping up the dressing was a bit foreign to me, but I was happy and surprised that I had so many appropriate ingredients on hand, ie, lime, clinatro and green onion. I was also happy to see a spicy taco seasoning packet in our cupboard (not ours though, our roommates, handy nonetheless). You don't need the shell when you've got cool red and green cabbage mixed with filling black beans and topped with a crusty fillet of cod that's been baked in a little flax oil. Yum, yum.

I'm going to miss summer, almost soley for the fact that our little outdoor fresh produce grocer closes in october after they sell their last batches of fruit and veggies, along with a large quantity of jack o' lantern pumpkins. Quality, inexpensive produce is nearly impossible to come by in the fall and winter months. I've still got a little while to enjoy the fruits of summers labor. . .

Recipe: Fish Taco Salad.


1 lb cod
1/2 cup italian bread seasoning
1/4 cup panko breading
few TBL. spicy taco seasoning
1 egg
1/2 green cabbage, shredded
1/2 red cabbage, shredded
1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 TBL. flax oil (coldpressed) drizzled into your baking dish
Lime Cilantro Dressing (recipe to follow)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

1. Place your egg into a shallow bowl and lightly break up with a fork or whisk.
2. Lightly season your fish with salt and pepper.
3. Place you bread crumbs, taco seasoning and panko onto a plate and mix lightly.
4. Dip your fish in egg wash, then roll in crumbs.
5. Prepare your shallow baking dish with flax oil.
6. Place fish into baking dish and bake in oven for 15 minutes or until fish is flaky and cooked through.
7. Place cabbage and beans into a large bowl.
8. Mix Lime Cilantro dressing into cabbage and bean bowl.
9. Top with a chunk fish and enjoy!

Lime Cilantro Dressing:


1/4 cup light mayo
1/4 cup light sour cream
(you may want to use a little less of each depending on the size of your cabbages)
zest and juice of 1 lime
3 TBL. chopped cilantro
2 small cloves of garlic
3 green onions, chopped


1. Mix all ingredients into a bowl. Enjoy on whatever you like.
(it's reallly delicious)