Sunday, February 04, 2007

Girls Night In

This Saturday I had the great pleasure of spending the evening with my mother at her beautiful house in the county. Spending time out there is like being at some lovely little (correction, large) bed and breakfast. Her boyfriend built it for her a few years ago. Well, it was finished a few years ago, it took about 3-4 years to complete. But now (although not thoroughly finished yet) it's quite amazing. Surprisingly, I haven't spent one evening out there alone with her. Most of the time both men are around. We spend plenty of time alone, garage sale-ing, driving around antiquing etc. but not once have we had a night to eat deliciously sinful food, drink cocktails, and lay in bed watching home decorating or style shows. So this Saturday was a first, and it was quite lovely. I bought a nice bottle of Sofia champagne, I made Ina Gartens Croque Monsieur's (recipe can be found on and I prepared two different desserts. Lemon Raspberry Cream Cupcakes with Lemon Glaze and Raspberry Whip Cream and a very simple Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee.
The cupcakes are the same as my first post. Just add a handful of raspberries. Yum.
I'll post the Creme Brulee recipe at a later date. I make it often enough. It's perfect, the perfect creme brulee, truly.