Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hello & Welcome

So I'm not very computer savvy, I really have no idea what I am doing right now. All I know is, cooking and baking provides me with an undescribable feeling. Food, in whatever form is my passion. Cooking means I get to create, I get to use my hands and my imagination. And often enough, I take pictures in the kitchen, of my creations, of my friends and family, of our pugs. . . and I think having this blog will inspire me to do so more often. A Sofa In The Kitchen may be an odd name to some, but in my house for the last 10 years or so (not the same house mind you) there has always been a sofa or a loveseat. As most would agree, the kitchen is la coeur of the home, and as such it only seems natural to have a sofa in this most important of rooms, no? And I will never again live without a sofa, loveseat, hell, if I had to even an old van seat in the kitchen, because it is the most comfortable place in the house. Okay, so doubtful anybody will ever read this, and I tend to ramble on, especially when it's past my bedtime, like now, but I look forward to my new venture. Because like I said, it gives me an excuse to take pictures, and make good food, and share it.


charlotte fairchild said...

I have seen other people put a sofa in the kitchen. I knew one woman who had 8 love seats and no sofa in the house.

You are more computer savvy than many people. Isn't it wonderful to create? I found you because you said your berries grew like kudzu, and I study kudzu.

Michelle said...

When I saw the name of your blog I just had to stop by and check it out! I too have a love seat in my kitchen, flanked by bookcases overflowing with cookbooks. It is one of the most used seats in the house.

charlotte fairchild said...

When my camera comes back from the shop, I will take a picture of my dining room! Two bookcases flanking a loveseat! I have 8 blogs. The way to go according to the latest tech mags is with twitter or flickr because so many professionals are using blogs so the traffic is lower from Google.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? I am working at a soup kitchen I hope!